Inspired Security is experienced in the installation and specification of CCTV systems. CCTV is the use of video cameras to broadcast video to specific monitors. The greater the public access the greater the utilization and need for CCTV systems. Locations that require CCTV include; offices, restaurants, bars, banks, convenience stores, schools, hospitals and casinos.

CCTV systems work as an extremely effective deterrent of crimes such as shoplifting or robbery and burglary; it also works as an effective tool to capture criminal activity. CCTV systems also help to ensure staff feel secure, as well as reducing the fear of actual crime.

Our CCTV product & services include the following:
• Consultation and free quotation with client
• Actual design and specification of CCTV
• POS linked CCTV systems
• CCTV remote monitoring
• CCTV Cameras, infra-red & vehicle recognition
• Digital recorders, multiplexers & control keyboards for CCTV
• Automatic CCTV number plate recognition
• Stand alone & Integrated I.P. systems
• Full installation & support service of CCTV
• Maintenance of CCTV